Sculptura Ardmore

Sculptura Ardmore’s amorphous architectural form changes and responds to its immediate surroundings, taking full advantage of the various view opportunities with an apparent disregard for convention. It is a symbol of originality that is refreshingly bold, employing an architectural language that delicately balances between the strict requirements of generous internal living spaces with the exterior aesthetic need for beauty. It is not a predictable object, and this is its intriguing sculptural quality. Like a mirage, the building appears to deconstruct and unravel without visually breaking apart and falling away.

All 35 apartments orientate their living spaces toward the greenery of Draycott Park, with the segregated bedroom wings enjoying the view down Ardmore Park or Claymore Road, in the direction of Orchard Road. The 4-bedroom apartments range from between 2,800 to 3,000 sq ft, rising from the 5th story to the 16th story. The larger 4-bedroom apartments rising from the 21st story range from between 3,200 to 4,000 sq ft, enjoying the exclusivity of an entire floor per apartment. The ascending curve of the building is highlighted within the units of the upper floors with a subtle nuance in the living space that delights rather than disconcerts.

To complete the luxury lifestyle experience of the internal spaces are 2 Sky Terraces located on the 6th and 17th floors. These provide residents with an exclusive sanctuary in the sky, replete with a private Clubhouse, indoor and outdoor entertainment and dining areas, gymnasium and extensive sky gardens with private cabanas and Jacuzzis – all with dramatic views of the Orchard Road skyline below.

Upon entering from Ardmore Park, the grand arrival is sheltered by an enormous cantilevered structure overhead like a cloud cover. The entry itself is a double-volume space through a façade of overlapping glass that is the main lobby, with the private elevators on either side. Beyond the lobby interior is the pool deck and landscaped grounds of the estate that tier downwards to a forest of mature trees below.

Large open-plan apartments wrap around a central core with a simple 2-degree tilt in the façade plane. This creates a gracefully curving façade that is composed entirely of glass with an additional series of glass fins that form an animated “skin” around the building. These fins act like a veil over the glass curtain wall and owners can individually activate them to mechanically slide along the exterior to shield the apartments from the glare of the sun. While doing so, they create depth of light and shadow, and a fascinating façade of reflective randomness.

The building’s sculptural form is further accentuated by four private lap pools that appear to peel away from the building’s façade like outstretched fingers defying gravity. These private pools at up to 45 feet in length, offer the rare experience of looking back at the building as if suspended in space and swimming in the clouds.

Sculptura Ardmore was designed in collaboration with luxury real estate developer SC Global Developments, realizing their vision to create an iconic architectural landmark within the prestigious Ardmore Park enclave.